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  3. I've just added your in game cash!
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198293169106/ 7.5.2020 I am hope it will be ok
  5. Xern

    K3VLaR says hi!

    Hey! Welcome! Glad to have you here! Just to make you aware, The server IP will be changing soon! We'll keep everyone updated when it does.
  6. Hi all, New to arma 3 Life, looking forward to play on the server!!! hope to meet you ingame, not only on the other side of the barrel..
  7. when you spawn you should always have gps and radio on you rather then going top the shop any buying it this should also apply when you die you should always spawn with a radio and gps this change would be very nice as many servers don't do this this would make in unique
  8. Everything is working great now. 😄
  9. This should already be an option! Please try again!
  10. An option to edit created posts on the gang section. Incase we need to update or change anything
  11. The Kingpins [KP] "Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it." If your application is accepted you will be mailed with the teamspeak gang password. You will also be added by Donovan. Co-Leader Leader Co-Leader Kenny Donovan Mr. Pimm Recruiting is currently [OPEN] 'Anything written here could be subject to change at any given time.' ⚜️ Our Uniform CTRG Combat Uniform [ARID] - Requires Anarchy Lisence Carrier Rig [Black] - Requires ONE of the 3; Bounty Hunter - Rebel Training - Anarchy Lisence 'These 2 uniforms will be required to identify you as our own.' ⚜️ About us We are a group based around the town Sryta. We mainly operate around the Sand Mines. We professionalise in escorts and patrols. ⚜️ Story Currently in the works please be patient. ⚜️ Our Members Donovan Kenny Mr. Pimm ⚜️ Our Allies To be announced ⚜️ Our Enemies To be announced ⚜️ 'Please only post if it's an application form.' Application (Copy & Paste & Fill in) "We look forward to your applications!" (Please remove the examples) In-game name Name Steam Profile (So we may add you) "Profile URL" Are you apart of AnarchistRP Teamspeak? Examples of what you SHOULD write: Yes | No Have you played on the server for over a week? Examples of what you SHOULD write: Yes | No In a few words how active would you say you are or have been? Examples of what you COULD write: I have been playing around 3-4 hours a day. | I am currently playing on the server a couple times a week. Which lisences do you own from these three? Use number codes. 1. Anarchy L | 2. Rebel Training L | 3. Bounty Hunter L Examples of what you COULD write: I own 1. and 3. | I own 2. | I do not own any. Why are you applying to join The Kingpins? Examples of what you COULD write: Talk about any players in the gang you know. | Talk about the kind of gang you are looking for. | Talk about personal experience with the gang. | Talk about your own reasons for wanting to apply. Could you give us a SHORT backstory of your character? Get Creative! It doesn't need to be on a writers level, just give your character some life. Did anyone in our gang recommend you to apply? Examples of what you COULD write: Member(s) Name | Nobody recommended me. Any questions you'd like to ask us? Anything you'd like to add or ask? Please fill here.
  12. Closed as dual post.
  13. Ok. We will have this in the next update! Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. I agree, The Exp system needs a complete overhaul. The system behind it is great but there needs to be more ways of earning exp. We will have a chat amongst the staff team to try and come up with a solution. We are also going to be adding more ways to earn Exp and more things you can spend Exp on!
  15. This is something we are considering as user activity is getting higher. We like hosting events as its something a lot of servers no longer do.
  16. you could have applications for a role called events team they host events organise everything that's gonna happen in the event
  17. Xern

    Bug Testers

    Hi All! We're currently in the process of making a test server where we are sorting through things like battleye filters and making sure everything is working as it should. With that being said, We're looking for a few experiences players to come on this server and test these things with us. When you join this server you will be given admin tools on the test server to enable you to teleport around, give yourself money etc to test things. You will be rewarded for your time depending how long you're on the test server for. Currently it's set at $500,000 In game cash per hour on the test server. If this is something you'd be interested in, Please let me know ASAP so I can sort out giving you the IP and also giving you full perms on the test server. Thanks!
  18. It might well be an on death script or a respawn script thats bugged. I've got quite a lot of dev things to do ready for the next update but I'll be sure to check this too!
  19. Tbh i think this is a commen arma prop, i do not know if there is any server that have this fixed.
  20. Will look into this! Thanks!
  21. so i had an mx-sw in my backpack had a silencer and scope on the gun, i then got killed in kavala and revived then got my gun out and it had no attachments, don't know if it was a 1 time thing or happens all the time just thought id let you know.
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