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    The Kingpins [KP] "Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it." If your application is accepted you will be mailed with the teamspeak gang password. You will also be added by Donovan. Co-Leader Leader Co-Leader Kenny Donovan Mr. Pimm Recruiting is currently [OPEN] 'Anything written here could be subject to change at any given time.' ⚜️ Our Uniform CTRG Combat Uniform [ARID] - Requires Anarchy Lisence Carrier Rig [Black] - Requires ONE of the 3; Bounty Hunter - Rebel Training - Anarchy Lisence 'These 2 uniforms will be required to identify you as our own.' ⚜️ About us We are a group based around the town Sryta. We mainly operate around the Sand Mines. We professionalise in escorts and patrols. ⚜️ Story Currently in the works please be patient. ⚜️ Our Members Donovan Kenny Mr. Pimm ⚜️ Our Allies To be announced ⚜️ Our Enemies To be announced ⚜️ 'Please only post if it's an application form.' Application (Copy & Paste & Fill in) "We look forward to your applications!" (Please remove the examples) In-game name Name Steam Profile (So we may add you) "Profile URL" Are you apart of AnarchistRP Teamspeak? Examples of what you SHOULD write: Yes | No Have you played on the server for over a week? Examples of what you SHOULD write: Yes | No In a few words how active would you say you are or have been? Examples of what you COULD write: I have been playing around 3-4 hours a day. | I am currently playing on the server a couple times a week. Which lisences do you own from these three? Use number codes. 1. Anarchy L | 2. Rebel Training L | 3. Bounty Hunter L Examples of what you COULD write: I own 1. and 3. | I own 2. | I do not own any. Why are you applying to join The Kingpins? Examples of what you COULD write: Talk about any players in the gang you know. | Talk about the kind of gang you are looking for. | Talk about personal experience with the gang. | Talk about your own reasons for wanting to apply. Could you give us a SHORT backstory of your character? Get Creative! It doesn't need to be on a writers level, just give your character some life. Did anyone in our gang recommend you to apply? Examples of what you COULD write: Member(s) Name | Nobody recommended me. Any questions you'd like to ask us? Anything you'd like to add or ask? Please fill here.
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