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  1. I've just added your in game cash!
  2. Xern

    K3VLaR says hi!

    Hey! Welcome! Glad to have you here! Just to make you aware, The server IP will be changing soon! We'll keep everyone updated when it does.
  3. This should already be an option! Please try again!
  4. Closed as dual post.
  5. Ok. We will have this in the next update! Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I agree, The Exp system needs a complete overhaul. The system behind it is great but there needs to be more ways of earning exp. We will have a chat amongst the staff team to try and come up with a solution. We are also going to be adding more ways to earn Exp and more things you can spend Exp on!
  7. This is something we are considering as user activity is getting higher. We like hosting events as its something a lot of servers no longer do.
  8. Xern

    Bug Testers

    Hi All! We're currently in the process of making a test server where we are sorting through things like battleye filters and making sure everything is working as it should. With that being said, We're looking for a few experiences players to come on this server and test these things with us. When you join this server you will be given admin tools on the test server to enable you to teleport around, give yourself money etc to test things. You will be rewarded for your time depending how long you're on the test server for. Currently it's set at $500,000 In game cash per hour on the test server. If this is something you'd be interested in, Please let me know ASAP so I can sort out giving you the IP and also giving you full perms on the test server. Thanks!
  9. It might well be an on death script or a respawn script thats bugged. I've got quite a lot of dev things to do ready for the next update but I'll be sure to check this too!
  10. Will look into this! Thanks!
  11. Thanks for letting me know! Will have this fixed ASAP
  12. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! A lot of these are things we are looking to add in the near future. In fact the mission file will be fully protected upon next restart! As for the other things they are all very valid points and I too believe they could massively improve the server!
  13. Hey thanks for the bug reports! I'm working through them ready for the next update! Once all fixed we'll psort out some sort of payment for you. There are a few that are just facts of the game however those that can be fixed, Will be.
  14. We currently have a fairly full staff team, However depending on the growth of the community we may be looking for more staff members in the near future.
  15. We have been thinking about this! We're now at the point where we are getting plenty of players each day. However Bohemia's rules on monetized servers are a little tight. We are looking into adding: Forums Perks, Teamspeak perks and Discord perks before we add in game things. We will let you know when we fully get this sorted.
  16. This is already a feature 🙂 We just need to get more cops to check the drug dealers!
  17. Xern


    3.0.8 Added - Masks hide name. - Mk200 to SCO-19 Tier 1 - Type 115 Supressor and Stealth Sound Supressor to SCO-19 - More medic caps - Another medic pilot helmet - Faster Revive Perk for Police and Medic - Flare Gun for Medic - Weed Effects - Shift+O has different fade levels - Dispatch Script - Added Gang Capturable Area that pays $15k per member to the gang every 15 mins Changed - Increased hellcat price in rebel - $1,000,000 - Increased Anarchist License Price - Increased Rebel License Price - Increased Suicide Vest Price Fixed - Holosight SMG name in SCO19 - Rebel vehicles spawning elsewhere - Cop training base spawn - Rebel and Anarchist Vest Prices - ` bug Removed - Warnings for typing in direct chat - Tuning garage from map (for now)
  18. Completely agree. I've just implemented a script that will set each mag for the po7 for cop to 1 bullet! Will be implemented at midnight tonight.
  19. Face masks will be fixed upon next restart
  20. I agree that changes WAY too much. Will implement something next restart which will reduce the amount it changes.
  21. That would be a good idea. Contact @Emperor for more details!
  22. Xern


    3.0.7 Added: - NHS White list. - Enhanced combat helmet to SCO-19 - Added Promet SG shotgun shells to SCO-19 - New Jail - New Training Facility - New Salt Mine - Range finder and GPS now given as default to police - Placeables to Medic Changes: - When you open your inventory, it re-skins your texture Fixed: - Bounty hunter HQ signs - Welcome notification - Prices for AKM and Spar-17 in Anarchist Weapon Shop - Unlocked doors in Athira Hospital - Diamond Processor has been brought to ground - Medic bags now invisible Removed: - Custom ATM Menu
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