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  1. kids are cool i guess

  2. Hello there, Starting off on our server can be challenging, Please read this guide to starting off carefully and fight your way to the top of the server! We recommend spawning in Athira, Get to the closest ATM and withdraw 200 thousand dollars, Don’t worry, we will be spending that soon! Walk over to the DMV and get yourself a Driver’s license, After that go to Bruce’s Outback outfits and buy a carryall backpack. Go to the market, buy a pickaxe, a bottle of water and some tactical bacon. After that walk to the car shop and buy an offroad truck. If you want to buy a firearm drive to the gun dealer in telos. After this deposit your remaining cash back into your bank account. Now that you have your licenses, Clothes and possibly weapons, Drive to the Diamond mine, press the windows key and when you are in the right area you will start gathering diamonds. When your inventory appears to be full, Go to your truck and while facing it press T. Put all of the diamonds in your truck and get back to gathering. When your truck appears to be full of diamonds, Drive by Telos and get 100k off your bank. Then continue driving to the diamond processor and process all of the diamonds in your truck. After this you can sell your diamonds at the diamond trader and earn the money. Drive to the nearest ATM and deposit the money you just made. You can now go back to the diamond mine and start mining again or you can check out any of the next guides to get into different stuff on the server. Have a great time playing - Sietse Muller Media Manager Anarchist RP
  3. Name: Sietse Muller Age: 17 Time Zone: Central European Summer Time Amsterdam Role you're applying for: Moderator or More administrator In game name: Sietse Muller Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128381336/ Discord Username: SietseMuller#7573 Why do you think you'd be suited for the role: I have been admin on multiple Garry's Mod roleplay servers where we used to handle complaints between 2 players a lot and i think i will be abled to fix these issues in a calm and respectful manner, also i used to be NHS on Roleplay.co.uk If you could change 1 thing about the community, What would it be? I would probably wanna change some stuff to the green zones and some things seem out of balance regarding financials What experience do you have being staff on a server (Doesn't have to be ArmA 3)? I already answered this, but multiple Gmod Servers as roleplay admin, I owned a couple of unturned roleplay servers and i used to be NHS on roleplay.co.uk Any extra information. I live in the netherlands but i speak fluent english and the time difference is only 1 hour so it should not be a problem
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