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  1. when you spawn you should always have gps and radio on you rather then going top the shop any buying it this should also apply when you die you should always spawn with a radio and gps this change would be very nice as many servers don't do this this would make in unique
  2. you could have applications for a role called events team they host events organise everything that's gonna happen in the event
  3. events team they can be in charge of all the events on the server they think of events and host them
  4. as the server is growing i think a good way for the server to go towards they way it is right know is open up staff applications for support or helper
  5. my apc application got accepted do I have to read a handbook or something before doing my assignment
  6. you could add a section on the forums called rebel recruitment where people could post their gang applications example if I want to advertise my gang I would put it up on rebel recruitment and have some questions there and if I think they are good enough they can accept them in the gang
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