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  1. Tbh i think this is a commen arma prop, i do not know if there is any server that have this fixed.
  2. Add a general stor to the anarchy store and do so you get exp when mining
  3. Mabye add a donation thing on the website so people can support the server by donating.
  4. Add so the police tazers only got 1 round per mag
  5. Remove the suiecide vest's timer to blow up, as it is not fun just seeing peopel run/drive away from you when you initiat.
  6. Mabye do so people can't see my or others name if they have a face mask on.
  7. Mabye do so when you own the rebel and anarcy license you can spawn there
  8. Mabye one that will allow you to pick up more weed, cobber, iron at the time.
  9. Send text message to admin does not work. And the garage at rebel seems to spawn your car some where else when you pull it out
  10. Welp did not knew that
  11. Add a perks system so you can use the exp you gain on the server
  12. Remove overhead names on the server
  13. tuning garage might not be working
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