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  1. I think XP as a whole needs to be re balanced as currently it takes too long to level up meaning reaching the higher tier perks such as those available at level 25 is almost unreachable unless you are constantly farming XP.
  2. Runs - There are a few improvements which we think should be made to runs. These are: There should be more runs. - Currently the server doesn't really have all that many runs for players to complete leading to most people on the server doing the same run. The runs should be more spread across the map. - Currently there are no runs in many parts of the map meaning there is no real reason to go to certain areas. The two main spots for this is in the south east, below Pyrgos and in the North West near rebel. We suggest that when new runs are added they should be placed around these areas to give players a reason to visit these places on the map. Market prices - Even though it has been changed slightly market prices still drop too much after doing runs and they do not increase to the same price for a very long time. A Place To Buy All Licenses - To make it easier for players to buy all the licenses for run that the server has to offer there should be a new store in the spawn towns where people can buy these licenses rather than driving to the processor to buy them. Naked Bug And Repacking Mags - As far as we can tell there is currently no way to fix the naked bug or repack magazines. By adding these functions the quality of life will be improved for all players. Hunger, Thirst And Health UI - These elements of the UI are way too large in our opinion and take too much room on the screen up. Auto Map Marking - Currently when you spot somebody or a vehicle it will show on the map. We believe this can ruin combat as this can be buggy and mark things on the map which you normally wouldn't spot otherwise such as somebody in a bush. Also it will mark the NPC's that are in the stores even though they are not players. Shift T - When you press shift t in game it shows a small marker in game where you was aiming at. This is unnecessary and could give your position away if you accidentally press it as other players can see it. Garages - There is currently only 1 garage in both Kavala and Pyrgos. Because these cities are very big you can spawn very far away from the garage so we suggest adding an extra garage to each of these cities. Mission File - Simply by using a program called 'PBO Manager' I can look into the server's mission file enabling me to see things such as scripts. This allows people to easily find exploits on the server as anyone can see how certain functions work. Written By @Richard Head and @Sync
  3. +1 I agree completely with this suggestion.
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