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  1. Name: Sync Compensation amount: 8.1 mil (6.5 mil - Taru) + (1.4 mil - Processed oil 6k sell price) + (200k - Katiba, Mags, Backpack, Vest, Clothing, Helmet, Attachment) Evidence: Brief description: Was doing a oil run with a taru. Landed the helicopter on the rig helipad, I then started processing and while I was processing the helicopter started bouncing on the helipad because its buggy. After I was done processing the helicopter got moved from a safe position to the edge the helipad. This caused the helicopter wheels to somehow go through the helipad floor. When I tried to take off, the helicopter got stuck on the edge which caused the crash. Anything else: My friends helicopter also did the bouncing bug, but luckily it didn't move much for him.
  2. SERVER BUGS After playing on this server for a couple of days me and my friend @Richard Head have found several bugs that in our opinion would improve the server if fixed. Access glitch - In some parts of the map where there are buildings and NPCs that you can interact with, you are able to access stores and garages from 50m away. https://gyazo.com/26f476d9950c1edfb6ae60d0c0b5a2a4 Button bug - When you click the button | which is located on the left side of 1, you can see a bunch of codes on the right top corner of your screen. Texture and building bugs Police npcs not having correct clothing texture: https://gyazo.com/b269597cc9bcc62ee590effe854afda1 Random cash props (cant pick up) https://gyazo.com/95a8f504e9aa6431ab9e691a91e7b6be , https://gyazo.com/a6e14692a8c1fd95d7baa462211e8322 Fence going through floors https://gyazo.com/2a1ae7156d23e7aec161d413ed20fe8e , Walls going through walls https://gyazo.com/6418c998cfa075102a3337e90e7d091a . ATM being laying up side down https://gyazo.com/f523a300cc7c9deea19ef2e428246725 Texture changing: Medic M900 skin sometimes changes from red to blue https://gyazo.com/57bcbe2eff0f5a9c2030f4363d68e283 Fence bug - You can drive through fences in some parts of the map. https://gyazo.com/29555940f3770a88b364345b56c22b8d Snakes opening doors - A common Arma 3 bug, but we believe its fixable as we have seen other servers not suffering from this glitch. https://gyazo.com/af305d4bb6d1388e61c487bc52524df6 Unflipping car bug - Whenever you unflip a car next to a object there is a high chance that it will blow up. https://gyazo.com/ba91186508a39a1451f30bd323b5d5c5 Phone bugs - Whenever you open up your phone as a CIV you can see several apps disappear after 1 second. https://gyazo.com/b1c41ea27e035af23566545fcb5e1c8b Reboot bug - If you put your cursor on the top of the phone screen where it says 4G and you click it. You will visit a new page where it shows the restart times on the server. Not sure if this is a bug or if its meant to be like this but it just seems like a unusual position. https://gyazo.com/942cfa3d336a472096f1fd9af61bd56e Message not working - You are unable to send messages to admins in game. Written by @Sync and @Richard Head
  3. After doing some high and low tier runs I have noticed that the prices of the processed resources are going down in price way to fast. This makes it hard to do a run with a friend or a group because when the last person sells they get significantly less money. Also grinding out runs its impossible because when you go for the second and third round you get almost nothing compared to the first time. I think this would be a good improvement to the server and its economy. https://gyazo.com/f7bc1ccb200c106c704103012552877a
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