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  1. good look all!
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198253697147/ @Xern
  3. Name: finley Age:14 Time Zone: UK/bst Role you're applying for: Admin In game name:- FiN Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198253697147/ Discord Username: - FiN#9187 Why do you think you'd be suited for the role: : i am mature and would take my job serious, i am dedicated to help out the server to make the community a better place. i can also bring alot of skills along with it, have vast experience in being staff and I feel that I can bring this experience with me to help me be a good admin. I have a lot of experience with Arma and helping people with problems relating to arma or TeamSpeak. I am also very good at working in a team and that is something that is very important when being a staff member because you need to be able to help other staff out or rely that they will help you when stuck. I can also bring my helpfulness to the staff team which is important because you have to be helpful to the people in the support channels to work them through their issues, as i said i am really good at team skills and well work together when its needed. i well also take my choices carfully, and not well abuse my rank take my choices carfully and responsible. . I am also very good at defusing stressful situations and staying calm to figure out what really happened and getting to the bottom of it. as well as that I am active within more than one time zone so I can be on during late NA/EU times when there aren't many staff members on. If you could change 1 thing about the community, What would it be?its still going throught development, so i well wait and see and give my opinon later on about that. What experience do you have being staff on a server (Doesn't have to be ArmA 3)? Garrys mod[co-owner] arma 3 helper support, admin arma 3. Any extra information. i am finley 14 years old and love helping people i am very dedicated!
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