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    [UK/EU] Anarchist Roleplay | Altis Life | $500k [BETA]
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    Thanks for visiting the server rules page. The rules are here to ensure we all have a fun time on the server without someone ruining it. Please read the rules and make sure you understand them. If there is anything you're unsure about, Please ask a member of staff. Failure to comply with the rules may result in a kick, temporary ban or permanent ban. 

    Should you find that someone is not sticking to the rules, Please submit a player report here: 

    Please use your common sense and have fun. 

  • AnarchistRP Server Rules

    AnarchistRP is a serious roleplay community which strives to provide an entertaining roleplay and gameplay experience to its community. The rules are to enhance your gameplay experience, not hinder it.

    General Rules


    1.1 Random Death Match (RDM) - Shooting a player without initiation. 

    1.1A A person who is being RDMED may defend themselves by killing the rdmer. This is not initiation for their gang to shoot as well. 

    1.2 Vehicle Death Match (VDM) - Using your vehicle to purposely ram into other players or vehicles. Brake checking counts as VDM. If another player is a victim of VDM they may not be shot or initiated on while they’re knocked out.

    Hunters, ifrits and striders may VDM other Hunters, ifrits and striders after initiation has occurred.


    1.3 New Life Rule (NLR)  - You cannot remember anything from before you died.
    You may not return within 1.5km of the area for 15 minutes. 

    If you die to a RDM,VDM or a glitch then you may return however you must have video evidence of how you died and should be verified with a staff member before returning.            


    1.4 Metagaming - Using out of character information in roleplay or combat. 


    1.5 Glitching/Exploiting - This is included but not limited to.

    • Purposely tower lagging

    • Soft logging

    • Looking through floors or walls.

    • Macros

    • AFKING as a whitelisted faction to paycheck farm

    • Duplication of money/items. 

    • Using the jump mechanic to go through windows/walls. 

    • Using bugs to gain an advantage

    • Jumping and spinning to avoid being shot (DPI) 

    • Leaving your gang to be taken hostage is not allowed


    1.6 Racist, inappropriate, offensive, toxic behavior and or speech is not allowed.
          Torture is allowed however if a party requests you to stop in ooc you must immediately stop.


    1.7 No trolling - Intentionally trying to upset players or get a reaction is not tolerated. 


    1.8 You may not force a player to withdraw money from their bank account


    1.9 You may not camp an area for more than 15 minutes.


    1.10 Combat storing/logging - If you are clearly being followed you may not store your vehicle, guns, money or any item. You may also not log out. 


    1.11 Value of life  - If you are in a situation where someone initiates on you and you’re at a disadvantage, you should surrender and comply with their demands. Examples of this are:

    • You have a gun in your hands and someone puts a gun to the back of your head and tells you to put your hands up, in this case you should comply.

    • You have your gun holstered and someone tells you to put your hands up whilst they have a gun pointed directly at you, in this case you should comply.

    • You are stationary as a driver in a vehicle and someone points a gun at you from the driver's side and asks you to step out and put your hands up, in this case you should comply.


    1.12 Clothing - Faction clothing may not be stolen/dropped. Vests and hats are an exception to this when being robbed. 

    1.13 Equipment - Factions may not distribute any of their equipment unless they’re being robbed. This includes guns. 

    1.14 Combat reviving is not allowed.




    2.1.1 For a valid initiation the following criteria should be met and the parties should have time to comply: 


    • Direct voice chat

    • Weapon drawn

    • Clear enough for the other party to hear

    • A command is given.

    • A threat is delivered. 


    Below is examples of valid initiation:
    Put your hands up or you’ll be shot!

    Out the vehicle without a weapon or you will be fired upon

    Hands up right now or you’ll be tazed!


    Once initiated the parties may fire upon each other and their respective gang. 


    2.2.2 Spike strips - The driver, drivers gang and the passengers of the vehicle are allowed to shoot the other party. However the other party may not fire upon the vehicles occupants or gang until they’ve been fired upon or they get initiation. This is considered one way initiation. 


    2.2.3 Air vehicles - To initiate on an air vehicle you should either send a message to the pilot of the aircraft through the messaging system and it should include a command and threat or fire 4 unsuppressed shots near the aircraft.


    2.2.3 Initiation ends - After five minutes of no shots being fired initiation ends. An exception to this is if you maintain visual of the vehicle and it’s clear you’re following them for the other party. Aircraft cameras do not count. 



    2.2.1  If a player roleplays that your communications have been seized, you may not give out  any information relevant to the situation on third party applications. Your microphone should also be muted.

    2.2.2  If there is only one cop online they may not be taken hostage. 

    2.2.3  You may not kill or take a negotiator hostage.

    2.2.4  If negotiations are called off initiation will begin in 15 seconds. 

    2.2.5  You may not take one of your own gang members hostage.



    2.3.1 Medics may not be taken hostage, robbed or harmed. 

    2.3.2 Medic vehicles and equipment may not be stolen. 

    2.3.3 Medics may not revive those involved in a bank robbery. 

    2.3.4 Medics may not commit any crimes.



    3.1.1 Green Zones - You are not allowed to commit any crimes within these zones this includes but is not limited to, lock picking, fleeing to green zones to escape combat, stealing, knocking out or initiating inside the zone. You may not block these zones.


    • APD may taser initiate 

    3.1.2 Blue Zones - You’re not allowed to do any of the following lockpicking, stealing, engaging in combat, initiating, knocking out or anything which is considered a crime. However it’s not limited to the above. You may not block the entrances to these zones.


    • APD may taser initiate.

    • If combat starts outside of the blue zone it may be brought into it by the faction that controls it. 

    3.1.3 Red Zones - Kill on sight zone, no prior initiation is required. No hostages may be brought to a red zone or taken inside a red zone.If a fight leaves the red zone and visual is maintained it may continue.

    3.1.4 You can not revive in the red zone.

    Federal Reserve

    4.1.1 No other players or gangs may get involved in federal reserve.

    4.1.2 Medics may not revive anyone involved in the federal reserve. 

    4.1.3 Negotiations have to take place. 

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