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ArmA 3 Altis Life UK Based Role Play Server

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We run an ArmA 3 Altis Life Server based in the UK. We are constantly adapting and changing it to the communities needs.

Server address: Server.AnarchistRP.com:2302

The current features are as follows: 

  • Work at McDonald's - If you need some extra cash, Swing by a Garage and work at McDonald s. This may soon change - we are looking to add some specific Fast Food shops on the map. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Rob a Gas Station - There must be at least 1 Police officer online, If you go to a Gas Station with a weapon you can rob the Gas station for some extra cash!
  • Custom Salt Mine - We've adapted the salt mine to make it safer to build up cash, There's more cover but also more places for people to hid. Keep an eye out for this. 
  • Gangs - They are persistent through restarts. They cost a lot ($5,000,000) however when you purchase a gang, Let a member of the Admin team know and we'll give you your own gang sub forum, Custom username colour & your own Discord text and voice channel. 
  • Custom shops - We thought the standard Altis Life shops were a little dull so we've added a few new things! Check out the clothing, weapon and vehicle shops for more details. 

To-do list: 

  • Add more ways to make money. 
  • Make the server restarts more obvious. 
  • Add custom vehicle skins. 
  • Add a vigilante group. 
  • Change the mobile phone layout and style. 
  • Pre-made Medic Load out & Cop load out. 
  • Adding Gags and Zip ties. 
  • Fixing the Y menu phone. 
  • Adding a permanent HUD. 
  • We're always open to suggestions so please let us know if you have any.


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Adding things to the to do list.

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