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- Masks hide name.
- Mk200 to SCO-19 Tier 1
- Type 115 Supressor and Stealth Sound Supressor to SCO-19
- More medic caps
- Another medic pilot helmet
- Faster Revive Perk for Police and Medic
- Flare Gun for Medic
- Weed Effects
- Shift+O has different fade levels
- Dispatch Script
- Added Gang Capturable Area that pays $15k per member to the gang every 15 mins

- Increased hellcat price in rebel - $1,000,000
- Increased Anarchist License Price
- Increased Rebel License Price
- Increased Suicide Vest Price

- Holosight SMG name in SCO19
- Rebel vehicles spawning elsewhere
- Cop training base spawn
- Rebel and Anarchist Vest Prices
- ` bug

- Warnings for typing in direct chat
- Tuning garage from map (for now)

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