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So you want to be a millionaire?

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If you want to know the basics of buying licenses you can read Sieste Muller's guide. 


So by this stage you should have the following:

  • Driver license
  • Carryall Backpack and clothing
  • Possibly a gun
  • Car
  • Toolkit(s) from the market
  • Food & Water from the market


We need to play this smart if we're going to want to be a millionaire. Firstly you're going to need to open up your phone (Press Y) and check the market prices. This is what 1x of the processed item sells for and most explorers will follow this market blindly.  What it doesn't show you is the weight of the item which can greatly affect your income, the lighter the better,

We're well on our way to becoming a millionaire.  Next we need to consider the following.

  • Police - Is it a high rank? If it is they have access to larger weaponry and vehicles to counter you. How many of them is there vs you? 
  • What are high population density areas? From my experience this is currently Athira to Diamond mine and near Kavala.


Best Starter Run 

The best starter run in my personal opinion is.... glass. 

I've decided on glass for the following reasons.

  1. It's legal
  2. It's not in a high traffic area the only people you'll see is cops or others doing drugs, however this should be rare.
  3. It processes with a 1:1 ratio meaning 34 sand is processed into 34 glass.
  4. If you need help you can call the police. 



  • Buy a truck boxer from the truck shop (If you can afford a larger vehicle I'd get it) = 150,000
  • Withdraw money for processing license = 45,000

Total = 195,000

If the market is right the run should yield you with a truck boxer + - 466,000

Your profit is therefore + - 270,000 on your first run.


I'd recommend also swapping out your runs so you don't deplete the market price too much.  Other runs I'd recommend is diamond although it's high risk. Just ensure soon as you're able to buy a bigger truck you get it. 


Illegal Sector

So you're thinking about getting into the drugs?

You just need to repeat the above steps but for marijuana when the prices are around 5-6k. Depending on the vehicle this can bring in a rather large profit.  Just remember that police will be hunting you and rebels will try to attack you.  You're not safe and don't trust anybody. If you keep upgrading your vehicles you'll be a millionaire in no time. If you have any questions feel free to post them below.


Looking for free money?

Sounds like a scam? Not quite check it out. 


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